I picked up a Duo recently that sadly wouldn't power on. A quick peep inside, revealed some very dodgy looking caps. So after a making a quick list of all the caps, it was time to wave a hot soldering iron arl ower.

Sadly two caps dropped off without being touched, and a few had corroded destroyed pads, so I'll have to jury rig those with wires. A few had crud underneath them too! Thankfully most of the pads cleaned up nice with fresh solder.

I think I have half the caps I need, left over from my x68000 adventure, the rest I'll have to order. Annoyingly SMD caps are not only rubbish, but they don't have the value written on, easy to understand, like your normal cans. So I'll have to work those out.

I started out trying my soldering tweezers, but the black plastic bases were getting in the way, and the caps were getting super hot. I didn't want one to crack open in my fave, so I just used my normal iron, with a bit of flux and fresh solder, and just eased them up, one side at a time.

Fingers crossed!