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    Retro|Spective 037: Godzilla

    Emerging from the seas to take down an army of city destroying monsters towers...


    Entry 01 - Godzilla
    Formats: Commodore 64
    A series that is the first one we've covered where there is no mainline core to its releases, many companies having tackled the creature across decades of titles. So, we take a simplified approach marking out just key titles including this 1983 C64 title, the first to bear the name Godzilla. Ironically, you didn't smash up cities as is commonly the style deployed, instead you commanded the military in this strategy title as they defended against Godzilla.

    Entry 02 - Godzilla and the Martians
    Formats: ZX Spectrum
    Entry 03 - Godzilla vs 3 Major Monsters
    Formats: MSX
    Entry 04 - Fierce Dragon Godzilla: Metropolis Destruction
    Formats: FM-7 and PC X-1
    Entry 05 - Gojira-Kun
    Formats: MSX
    Entry 06 - The Movie Monster Game
    Formats: Apple II and Commodore 64
    Players took on the role of key movie monsters as they tried to level entire cities in this sixth Godzilla starring title. The game was notable for also featuring other building sized creatures such as Mothra and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

    Entry 07 - Monsters Fair
    Formats: MSX
    Entry 08 - Godzilla
    Formats: Commodore 64 and Commodore 16
    Entry 09 - Godzilla: Monster of Monsters
    Formats: NES
    The final game of the 80's saw Godzilla make the jump to consoles. Players could fight as either Godzilla or Mothra as they worked through side scrolling levels taking down the pantheon of Godzilla monsters.

    Entry 10 - Godzilla
    Formats: Game Boy
    Entry 11 - Circus Caper
    Formats: NES
    Entry 12 - Godzilla 2: War of the Monsters
    Formats: NES
    Entry 13 - Battle Soccer: Field of the Champion
    Formats: Super NES
    Entry 14 - Godzilla
    Formats: NEC PC-9801
    Entry 15 - Super Godzilla
    Formats: Super NES
    A Super named console jump led inevitably to a Super named Godzilla game. Played across a split screen, the player moves through the map until they cross paths with a Godzilla monster, from there a side on view comes into play and the monsters do battle. The games name coming from the player also being able to control Super Godzilla.

    Entry 16 - Godzilla
    Formats: Arcade
    Entry 17 - King of the Monsters
    Formats: Game Boy
    Entry 18 - Godzilla: Battle Legends
    Formats: Turbo Duo
    Entry 19 - Godzilla Wars Jr
    Formats: Arcade
    Entry 20 - Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters
    Formats: Super NES
    Entry 21 - Godzilla: The Atomar Nightmare
    Formats: ZX Spectrum
    Entry 22 - Godzilla: Heart Pounding Monster Island
    Formats: Pico and PC
    Entry 23 - Godzilla: Archipello Shock
    Formats: Saturn
    Entry 24 - Godzilla: Kaijuu no Daishingeki
    Formats: Game Gear
    Entry 25 - Godzilla Movie Studio Tour
    Formats: CD-Rom
    Entry 26 - Godzilla Online
    Formats: CD-Rom
    Entry 27 - Godzilla: The Aftermath
    Formats: Online
    Entry 28 - G-Patrol: VR Combat Simulator
    Formats: Online
    Entry 29 - Godzilla Trading Battle
    Formats: Playstation
    Entry 30 - Godzilla Generations
    Formats: Dreamcast
    The launch title saw players control Godzilla or Mecha-Godzilla and faced with destroying entire cities. As you progressed through the game you unlocked more monsters to control. The game wasn't very well received but is more commonly known via its sequel that followed the following year, the sequel being the one that made it over to western audiences where only Godzilla was playable and it scored terrible reviews.

    Entry 31 - Godzilla Generations: Maximum Impact
    Formats: Dreamcast
    Entry 32 - Godzilla: The Series
    Formats: Game Boy Color
    Entry 33 - Godzilla: The Series - Monster Wars
    Formats: Game Boy Color
    Entry 34 - Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee
    Formats: Gamecube and Xbox
    The move to a full on versus brawler was cemented with this entry that arrived on GC before receiving an expanded port to XB. The game was pulled up for lacking depth but still received better feedback than the last major western title.

    Entry 35 - Godzilla Domination!
    Formats: Game Boy Advance
    Entry 36 - Godzilla: Save the Earth
    Formats: Xbox and Playstation 2
    One of the few sequels in the list, this was a follow up to Melee and sees Godzilla battle through each of the monsters in the canon leading up to a climactic face off against SpaceGodzilla.

    Entry 37 - Godzilla Unleashed
    Formats: Playstation 2, Wii and Nintendo DS
    For once, a sub series reached a third entry with this STE sequel. The third game though moved fully into being a 3D fighter that saw SpaceGodzilla attempting to return. The Wii version allowed for an extra 6 playable monsters over the PS2 version though the differences between this and its predecessing entry aren't huge.

    Entry 38 - Godzilla
    Formats: Playstation 3 and Playstation 4
    Skipping mobile titles leaps up straight up to this title, the gameplay proving similar to the DC entries where Godzilla is tasked with destroying key markers on the map whilst occasionally having to fend off the army or boss monsters. The PS4 version standing out for allowing players to choose any monster to control with a couple of exclusive ones for the system. However, once again reviews proved poor.

    Entry 39 - Shin Godzilla
    Formats: Playstation 4
    Entry 02 - City Shrouded in Monsters
    Formats: Playstation 4
    A spiritual sequel to the Disaster Report games, the title sees the player trying to escape a city besieged by monsters such as Godzilla.

    What are your experiences facing or controlling the King of Monsters?

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    I'm pretty sure it's impossible to make a good Godzilla game, despite the fact people keep trying.
    I think Godzilla Unleashed is supposed to be the least-worst one.

    Jet Jaguar FTW!

    The one I played the most on that long list of epic fails was this:

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    My sole experience of this franchise is that in a branch of Electronics Boutique in about '97, I considered buying the Godzilla Gameboy game. But there were no screenshots on the back so I didn't.

    I have now satisfied my dormant 21 year old curiosity regarding the game's content. It actually looks alright.

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    The ps3/ps4 game is very good. As was the gamecube brawlers. The pc engine cd game is ok for it’s time too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanpeebles View Post
    The ps3/ps4 game is very good. As was the gamecube brawlers. The pc engine cd game is ok for it’s time too.
    Yes the PS3 game was fun, I also liked the Dreamcast games. They were much like the movies full of that 'So bad its Good' just like the classic B-Movies

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    The DC one is the only one I entertained getting back when the DC launched but never did due to the reviews that it met.

    Clue for next time:

    Clue - The Way U Move

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    These games need more Mechani Kong.

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    I've got two Godzilla games on the Xbox that have nice graphics, and I remember one of them being fun to play. I really need to go back to them and give them a proper go. I might try and get a copy of the PS3 game.

    Thanks for the comprehensive list, Superman Falls.


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