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    TV|Shark 015: The Americans

    The Americans
    Ran: 6 Seasons (2013 till 2018)
    Episodes: 71 Episodes
    This period set spy drama follows two undercover Russian agents living in America with their unsuspecting American born children. Set during the Cold War, the show is primarily focused on the relationships of the characters and their FBI neighbour whilst carrying out their orders as they try to navigate maintaining their cover. The show has been one of the quieter shows on TV but has none the less been met with critical acclaim, leading it all the way up to the recent sixth season which acts as its last.

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    Well this is a first. Not only have I not watched this show, I didn't even know it existed until this thread.

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    It's apt that it's been there all along, hiding amongst other shows undetected

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    I've had The Americans highly recommended more than once. Now we have Amazon Prime again it's on my list (which is far longer than the hours I have available ).

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    Bank Holiday brought this around faster but here's this weeks clue for the next thread:

    Clue - The Toast of Norwich

    Also, I'll be ending TV|Shark with the twentieth thread and have tried to keep the last five varied and less sci-fi focused
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