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    There's a scene in Half-Life 2 where you've had your first taste of the Combine and their overlord douchebaggery.
    You've barely escaped with your life, thanks to Alyx, who takes you to the resistance to meet Dr. Kleiner and regain your HEV Suit.

    After gaining access to their secret lab via a fake drinks machine, there's a lengthy speech about how he's honoured to meet the great Gordan Freeman, it really is you, come and look at our teleportation experiment, yadda yadda.

    The whole time, I was climbing up the shelves, smashing the crates like a deranged lunatic with an inexplicable hatred of crates.

    Not really the legend they were expecting.

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    Deus Ex.

    There's a sequence where you're supposed to speak to/assassinate some dude that's hiding our at the top of a stack of Portakabins.

    You're supposed to gain access to the cabin, either fighting your way through or hacking the security or some other high tech method of infiltration.

    Me? I turned on my arm boosters and moved a massive metal crate next to the Portkabin and built a crude stairway to the open window at the top with some smaller crates. Boom! Job done.

    I remember it taking aaaages to move the crate at a snail's pace, but really pleased with myself for thinking outside the crate.

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    Crate's are nothing. Exploding Red Barrels are the true star

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    The reason I don't like crates / barrels / pots / etc. in games, is when are presented as something has a small chance of containing something good.

    A game will show you said breakable early on, rewarding you with a nice item, inducing a Pavlovian response to all future crates. There's a 10% chance the next one will contain something nice, so I'm going to smash these 20 crates to get the small bag of gold / med pack / rupee / porno mag / whatever.

    It's an artificial way of lengthening the game, not through padding, such as redundant rooms, respawning enemies, more health for enemies, or any other tricks. It's a padding technique which relies on the greed of the player. They pad the game length themselves.

    Contrast this with treasure chests, which will almost always only have something fantastic inside. Apart from when they contain traps (a clever risk/reward idea), or when they contain nothing at all (a total waste of time and stupid - a trap would be better).

    There's tons of games which do this: provide you with something breakable so you spend an extra 25% to 50% in a room smashing, cutting, or messing with something. Symphony of the Night does something similar with its candles, but at least you're basically always guaranteed one extra heart, if nothing else.

    Also contrast this with games where enemies drop rewards, such as the original Zelda on NES. This is better than pots because it elevates an inanimate object into something you need to engage with.

    If they were to teach game design classes, "breakable stuff with rewards inside" would be in the first lesson of "Lazy Game Design Ideas".

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    I hated those challenges on Mario Galaxy 2 where you had to destroy a load of crates with fireballs in a set amount of time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    I hated those challenges on Mario Galaxy 2 where you had to destroy a load of crates with fireballs in a set amount of time.
    That wouldn't have been as frustrating without the waggle controls.

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    I'll tell you another game that seems to be nothing but boxes:

    Nintendo Labo.

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    I thought I was thinking of Kwirk for the Game Boy, but it was actually Boxxle, one of the first Sokoban games released in the West.

    No crates are smashed though.

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