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Thread: All gone.

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    Im interested in these.

    Can you do a deal for a bundle ?

    Fighter Vipers 2 12
    Puzzle Bobble 4 12
    Silent Scope 4
    Star Gladiator 2 15
    The King of Fighters 99 Evolution 11
    The King of Fighters Dream Match 99 11

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    May I be able to have

    Tokyo Highway Challenge 2
    Virtual-ON 2
    18 Wheeler
    Sports Jam

    If they are still going, many thanks

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    Still interested in the games I PM'd you about if they become available!

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    Thanks all, will give UKgamer until noon as he seemed very serious about the deal before he dissapeared. If he doesn’t reply I’ll open it from then and message everyone with quotes including postage. Cheers

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    UKgamer has now been removed from the forum. If anyone else has been contacted by him for a trade, please PM me.

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    Hi all,

    Sorry to mess you around with all this UKgamer stuff. Please contact me with any games you would like to purchase as the sales are open again. Thanks,

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    Thanks to everyone who made a purchase!

    Still a good few titles available so I’ll knock off 10% of the total for any Bordersdown members


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