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    Everdrive/ Rhea/Gd emu etc users: Do you keep your collections?

    I am keen to know what other EverDrive (or similar device) users do with an existing cartridge or CD collection once investing in am emulation device. Do you keep them to stay looking lovely on your shelf or just sold them off for big gains and never loved back?

    I have emulation devices for my GBA, Mega Drive, and Dreamcast. I have almost no original GBA carts, as the hassle of carrying them around made me no longer want them after getting the ED, but for MD and DC I still have my collections although am flirting with selling them should the right price come in as I moving back to Japan and it will cost a ton in shipping once again. Interested to hear the thoughts of those who have these kind of devices and whether they have kept their old games, or sold them and if not do you keep them just for nostalgia as opposed to playing?

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    I’m running devices on PC-Engine and Neo Geo, don’t miss owning the actual games one bit, retro gaming is down an absolute pit if you want to buy games to actually play, ‘collectors’ have absolutely ****ing ruined it with their stupid inflation of prices. I blame YouTube.

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    I sold off everything I had, well almost ( I kept a few for a rainy day ) I have a Rhea and SSDS3 and it's the dogs!!

    No more flaky drives, disc rot, faded spines etc . No brainer, won't go back to collecting as it's a waste of money/time and hassle for me. I made the right decision and more than happy with the outcome.

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    Interesting, I don't think my games will get much use any more as I have a usb-gd rom, and so on but there are just so many memories in having them sat on the shelf. It does get tempting when certain ones are worth hundreds of pounds though.

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    I now play more games since the Rhea and SSDS3 arrived, less ball ache, loads up instantly.

    I found it easy to sell up as I have sold & bought many times over the years, I started selling a few pieces on Fleabay to test the water, couldn't believe what they went for. Once I started I just carried on until they were all gone. No regrets at all
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    I have Everdrives for my Famicom, Super Famicom, N64 and Sega Genesis and I love them so much.
    The whole library and all working flawlessly.

    I'd love to get the SD drives installed in my Sega Saturn and Dreamcast at some point. Would be great o play things like Panzer Dragoon Saga, but the prices are insane.

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    I have Everdrives for the SNES/MD and N64 as well as the NeoSD. I still have many boxed mint games for each system mind which I'm planning on keeping for time being


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