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    Octopath Traveller's Compendium Edition Switch Pre-Order 31.99 - Argos

    Will probably get cancelled but worth a try. No OST CD with the EU version sadly but I know the bloke really wants to play it (and it looks soo pretty!)

    Octopath Traveller on it's own is 44.49.

    For some reason as a pre-order it won’t go through on its own so you need to add another item that’s not a pre order like a 1 simcard and it will let you check out. Found this on facebook and jumped on it as the same group pointed me to Puyo Puyo Tetris for under 15 this year
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    Pre-order by itself went through for me. Can't say I'm particularly interested in the game but y'know... lol

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    Same. I actually wanted this game anyway, demo was great.

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    And cancelled. Received a 5 quid voucher for... my trouble?


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