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    I can’t see owners of the original systems wanting something that isn’t FPGA based, and anyone without a huge collection of originals probably just wants to play teh ROMz anyway.
    Yeah, for the cost of the whole system and considering its high quality marketing image, you'd think it would be FPGA. You'd expect it to be made by clever people who decided to deliver the ultimate FPGA solution for retro gamers. Instead, it's just a nice looking piece of kit that offers simple emulation at a high price - and even more when you buy all the modules.

    So as much as some people might think it looks "cool", I think it's very expensive for what is essentially a fancy emulation computer. People may as well buy a 100 small form factor PC with a DVD drive built in.

    If someone went on Dragon's Den with this, they'd be shot down because it's not FPGA. There's no unique selling point. Also, the idea that emulation for machines like the Saturn will be really good, if not perfect, is a load of nonsense that people are fantasising about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by _SD_ View Post
    Well, that interview didn't tell us anything we didn't know. Typical PR BS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _SD_ View Post
    You can't even use flash carts/Everdrives with the modules. Will it play CD-R?

    He did say that they're working with the author of the Saturn emulator they're using to optimise it for great performance. Hopefully this will lead to really good Saturn emulation away from the Polymega.

    I really hope we get great N64, Saturn, and Dreamcast emulators in the near future. I also hope we get more FPGA solutions for retro machines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leon Retro View Post
    I also hope we get more FPGA solutions for retro machines.
    The only reason I’m keeping a select number of Home Carts is the hope for an FPGA Neo•Geo AES ‘clone’ at some point in the near future.


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