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    There's a bit on the radio version where he's desperately chasing a free stay at a stately home owned by The Duchess Of Stranraer (Rebecca Front).

    It just sticks in the mind. Classic Partridge. Pathetic, desperate to be around the snobboes, dismissive of anything else.

    He's a total beta Basil Fawlty.

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    Definitely going to look up the non-TV stuff, I think I missed that Sky One special as well

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    "I am – and always have been – an only child. But I would have loved a little brother to play football with or bully. I'd rush downstairs every Christmas morning and rip open my presents, hoping against hope that one of the boxes contained a human baby. It rarely did."

    From I, Partridge.

    There's also a 2nd book called Nomad, haven't read/listened to that yet though.

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    Partridge has given me so much pleasure over the years. I loved both the radio and tv versions of knowing Me Knowing You but the character really hit his stride with I'm Alan Partridge. Endlessly quotable and re-watchable.

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    Clue for next weeks thread 17/20

    Clue - Point...


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