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Thread: RAGE 2

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    Not over-keen on the pimply punk rock overtones though - hopefully it’s only in the marketing vids

    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    Gameplay trailer:

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    ...and exclusive to Bethesda Game Studio's PC storefront (like FO76). No real surprise and just reaffirms BGS are off Steam from now on.

    Looks like Rage 2 will be exclusive to the Bethesda launcher on PC (PC GamesN)

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    Couldn’t find a first play for this. Don’t think it deserves one.

    Played the opening section tonight (courtesy of Game Pass). Oh boy. Seemed to be trying too hard to be down and hip wit da kids, innit.

    Really enjoyed what I played of the first game. No incentive to keep playing this though,

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    So did I. I just chose to ignore it. Much as I’m doing with Rage 2.

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    I really enjoy and like the game myself . Only the poor map system and horrible vehicle controls let the game down.


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