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Thread: Zombieland 2

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    Zombieland 2

    The writers of the original film, along with both Deadpool movies, have said that they're aiming to have a sequel to the cult movie in production early next year for release in October 2019, around the time of the original's tenth anniversary. They're also expecting to get back the original cast.

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    We watched Zombieland many years after it's release and we really enjoy it, despite not being integral members of the zombie fandom (I just don't get it but I like good/ entertaining films that may have zombies in I guess? )

    My favorite bit was the clip in the bus when they are talking about Hannah Montana.

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    I keep meaning to rewatch the original, but never get around to it.

    I watched it with a bunch of mates and when a topless zombie stripper ran towards the camera in slo-mo, we turned to say to our one mate, whose interests include zombies, boobs and Metallica, to say "this is your perfect film" and then "For Whom The Bell Tolls" started and it sealed the deal!

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    The sequel is now official and will film in January ahead of an October 2019 release for the 10th Anniversary.

    The original Director is returning as is the originals writers and core cast.


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