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    I think disappointment for this just comes down to Go being okay but by the definition of the platform its on and the way its priced. By any broader definition it's a poor Pokémon (not that it's trying to be a core entry) but Nintendo had let fans and Switch owners get excited that the series was finally hitting consoles properly and then pulled a bait and switch with this. They totally know this too which is why they were so quick to confirm a proper RPG for next year but whilst I think this will do well for the system it's role as a system seller won't be as great as Nintendo hopes. It's currently hard to see why Nintendo thinks NS sales will rise this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lebowski View Post
    Not sure how your seeing this as a free to play game, it has exploration and battles like a traditional pokemon game, The random encounters where you had to battle pokemon is the only thing missing and it has been replaced with the throw to capture mechanic, its not a simple google map walk about collectors book like poke Go as their is lots of traditional Pokemon stuff here. my 8 year old and 10 year old are currently arguing over which version we should buy Eviee or pikachu
    Are you sure you won't be able to buy pokeballs and sprays (?) with in game currency?! Pokemon Go on mobile using real life maps is more novel than this, truthfully.

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    Just finished watching the Treehouse playthrough of this and Im actually really excited about getting this, graphically it looks fantastic and perfectly captures the artstyle of the original game boy games and anime. Removing the random monster fights isn’t necessarily a bad thing as the constant grinding and random encounters in the previous games was the most tedious part for me.

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    Can somebody summarise what this game is as you're all talking about different games now!

    Is this like a normal Pokemon game of yore, but instead of colours, it's Pikachu or Eevee?
    Is it a full game or FTP?
    How do you get Pikachu on a bus?

    Poke him on.

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    My First Pokémon
    Simplified schedule filler till they can get the proper one out


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