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    A show focused on Alfred, Bruce Wayne's butler, is in the works for US channel Epix. The new show is disconnected from any other property and focuses on 1960's London as Alfred works his way from an SAS operative to becoming Thomas Wayne's butler.

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    This doesn't sound so much like scraping the bottom of the barrel as climbing into the barrel and using the bottom as the opening of a thousand-foot mine-shaft.

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    When I read the title, I thought this was about the IT clown but this is an even worse idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg Thang View Post
    When I read the title, I thought this was about the IT clown but this is an even worse idea.
    It's just the creative nadir. We're at that stage with superhero movies where licensors are scrambling over each other, desperate to get their claws into anything which might be even tangentially related to a known property in that area.

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    The laugh is this comes from the head of Gotham, a show that's already covered this more efficiently whilst still pushing its narrative to get Batman references in. This doesn't stand a chance.

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    Finally! The show nobody has been waiting for!

    I can't believe Gotham is still going, tbh.
    "Let's make a show about Batman, but here's the twist - Batman isn't in it!"

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    To be fair, I do really enjoy Gotham. Season 1 was a strain but it's remarkably good at portraying that gothic Gotham vibe and villains aspect since then, it's purely it's timeline that causes it issues. The same show with a grown up, active Batman could have worked out well for them

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    I'm sure it works OK, like any crime show, but the hook is really unappealing.

    I'd like to see Batman show more of his tag "World's Greatest Detective".
    In all the film, some flamboyant boss turns up and Batman has to punch his flamboyant goons or use gadgets to defeat them.

    There are a few moments in the comic where he uses those skills like he smells a ransom tape to deduce where a kidnap victim is being held.

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    Ironically it was ditching the crime procedure approach that made Gotham start to work. I still don't get why Warners will churn out a sea of DC series on all their characters but Batman himself is so off limits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    Batman himself is so off limits.
    "Jewel in the crown" I assume. I honestly think Batman is the apex of DC's properties. They might consider Superman to be it, but I honestly think Batman is the best thing they've ever produced.


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