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  • Boxing, MMA etc

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    Rock climbing, that's a sport that soon sorts out men from the boys.

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    James Kingston wins it all, peeps like him.

    And proper fighters, wrestlers. I respect those people the most. People who put their life on the line.

    Football, tennis, etc. is just like dancin'. Frippery.

    Weightlifters, World's Strongest Man, their guts could bust outta dem abdomenz in front of crowds and on secret, online vids.

    On live contests, imagine the blood, intestines and sticky cacalack EVERYWHERE.

    It would be an absoluuuuute MESS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishbowlhead View Post
    Rock climbing, that's a sport that soon sorts out men from the boys.
    Oh god climbing is such a rush, I truly wish I'd climbed more when I was younger. Climbing an abandoned golf house nearly killed me as a kid but that reflex that saved me has always made me understand the hook.

    You've made me think of booking a sesh at an indoor place, ten years since I last did it and I bloody loved it last time.

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    I find it hard to make the danger levels a factor. There's loads of dangerous sports that I could respect people for having the nuts to do but wouldn't personally consider a sport. That's a whole other discussion though as there's quite a lot of so called 'sports' that I'd class merely as hobbies, games or activities.


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