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    Cassandra J Amell, real life wife of Arrow lead Stephen Amell, has been cast as Nora Fries in the upcoming crossover episode

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    First image of the costume for Batwoman has been released and by the TV standards this is a great first pass:

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    CW have shot down rumours that they are planning a Superman based spin-off.

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    Jesse L Martin will be leaving The Flash for a while on medical grounds as a result of a back injury that has effected his scenes so far in Season 5

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    That first summarising post above could soon be seeing a major expansion. At the end of this years multi-show crossover event run, CW took the very early opportunity to announce that next years event special would be an adaptation of Crisis on Infinite Earths

    This is already being seen as an opportunity to connect the existing DCW Universe to other DC superhero shows past and present in a scaled event that has never happened before. On twitter John Glover has already been teasing a return in the event as Lionel Luthor, the role he played in Smallville. They already have Routh on cast so could easily pull the Reeves era Superman in also.

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    Is the Supergirl show any good?

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    I've only seen the first two seasons and as it stands I veer to 'I want it to be' but no

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    Jesse L Martin, Jow West in The Flash, will be returning full time in a few weeks time following his back injury last summer

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    First press image of Jon Cryer has been released for his debut in Supergirl as Lex Luther. Quite the promotion for Lenny Luthor from Superman IV.

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    CW have greenlit:

    -Arrow: Season 08
    -The Flash: Season 06
    -Legends of Tomorrow: Season 05
    -Supergirl: Season 05


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