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    When Crisis on Infinite Earths occurs later this year it's unknown if Legends will be part of it but it seems like the plan is to see several characters across the shows killed off potentially as well as to use the event to finally fold Supergirl into the same Earth as the other shows. There may eventually be more shows added to the canon also.

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    Rachel Skarsten, who was led the tv series Birds of Prey, has been cast in Batwoman as the lead villain of the first season. She will play Alice, head of the Wonderland Gang

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    After Warners retroactively rolled Constantine into their DCW Universe, they have used the character several times including a recent turn in Legends of Tomorrow. Now word is that they are looking at reviving the characters own dedicated show

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    Arrow will end later this year with its eighth season that will only run for 10 episodes in length, i.e tying up with the Crisis on Infinite Earths special where the last special had already teased Oliver's fate

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    Jon Cryer has said he signed on to Supergirl as Lex Luthor as he's always been a big Superman fan and felt he needed to atone for his role in Superman IV as Lenny Luthor

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    Matt Ryan wants to play Constantine in Swamp Thing, trouble is Swamp Thing isn't going to be part of the DCW Universe

    Also, someone is leaving Arrow early

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    The Crisis on Infinite Earth's event storyline will take place over the course of 5 episodes running from December through January. It will also incorporate Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and Batwoman and coincide with the last ever episodes of Arrow.

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    The premiere dates for this years new seasons have been announced:

    Batwoman: Season 01 - 06 October 2019
    Supergirl: Season 05 - 06 October 2019
    The Flash: Season 06 - 08 October 2019
    Arrow: Season 08 - 15 October 2019

    It's not part of the universe but Black Lightning: Season 03 also starts on 21 October 2019


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