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    For Supergirl: Season 5 the character is getting a new costume:

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    Already a cast member playing The Atom on Legends of Tomorrow, it's been confirmed that during the 5 episode long Crisis on Infinite Earth's crossover event Brandon Routh will reprise his former role as Superman from Superman Returns
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    I don’t watch any of these shows but I’d be tempted to dip in to see that. I thought he was a great Superman.

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    Given how far out we are from this event storyline we'll hopefully be seeing many of these announcements:

    Now announced for the Crisis on Infinite Earth's Storyline is that Burt Ward will appear. It's not been said if he's playing a new character or not but we could theoretically see the 60's Batman show retconned into the canon.

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    The Crisis continues to grow, the showrunners have hired Kevin Conroy, from countless VO performances as Batman, to play an older Bruce Wayne in the crossover event. In addition to this, it felt inevitable anyway, Black Lightning will cross over into the universe finally too.

    Also confirmed is that late next year CW will launch an 8th DCWU series
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    Tom Welling has been confirmed to be appearing in Crisis on Infinite Earths later this year reprising his role of Clark Kent/Superman. This means that Smallville retroactively joins the DCW Universe. Smallville ended 8 years ago and there's long been rumours of other Smallville characters appearing in the event episodes.

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    Having already played a different character in Supergirl Erica Durance will return as Smallville's Lois Lane (aka the best one)

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    Smallville's Lex, Michael Rosenbaum, won't be in the crossover. In effect he says he was required to give an immediate commitment with no script, no outline and no money so passed on it, which is fair enough.

    Meanwhile CW are moving forward with yet another DCWU show, this time it seems to be based on a group called The Canaries (not the ones from Red Dwarf) and is set in the future timeline glimpsed on Season 7 of Arrow.

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    Ashley Scott is set to return as Huntress from the cancelled 2002 series Birds of Prey taking the DCWU up to ten shows and folding in quite the obscure choice.

    We may be on the verge of a major one though - there's a rumour that, having worked with her on Supergirl already, CW are in talks to convince Lynda Carter to appear as Wonder Woman


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