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    The DCW Television Universe

    The DCW Television Universe Series List
    (In Inception Order - Bolded Are Active Series)
    (Bracketed Season is the Current/Greenlit Season the Show is up to)

    01 - Arrow (8 Seasons)
    02 - Flash (Season 8)

    03 - Constantine (1 Season)
    04 - Supergirl (6 Seasons)
    05 - Legends of Tomorrow (Season 7)

    06 - Batwoman (Season 3)
    07 - Black Lightning (4 Seasons)08 - Smallville (10 Seasons)
    09 - Birds of Prey (1 Season)
    10 - Swamp Thing (1 Season)
    11 - Batman (4 Movies: Batman, Returns, Forever, Robin)
    12 - Lucifer (6 Seasons)
    13 - Superman & Lois (Season 1)
    14 - Superman (5 Movies: Superman, Superman II, Superman III, Quest for Peace, Returns)
    15 - Stargirl (Season 3)
    16 - The DC Cinematic Universe (9 Movies to Date)
    17 - Titans (Season 4)
    18 - Doom Patrol (Season 3)
    19 - 1960's Batman (3 Seasons, 1 Movie)
    20 - Green Lantern (Season 1)
    21 - Painkiller (Season 1)
    22 - Naomi (Season 1)

    Connected Web Series:

    01 - Vixen (1 Season)
    02 - Freedom Fighters: The Ray (1 Season)
    03 - Constantine: City of Demons (1 Season)
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    Is "universe" the right word for this? I mean they're not connected, are they?

    Maybe "The DCW Loosely Affiliated Range of TV Shows"...

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    The CW has long been quietly doing successfully what studio after studio has failed to do following the MCU's success, emulating it. Quietly they have built a concurrent TV universe across five shows and a huge array of characters, even featuring cross overs and team events in a manner that even Marvel has struggled to make work with its own TV content.

    At this point, and after losing updates from last year, it's easier for these shows to fall under one roof as the DCWU (commonly and somewhat inaccurately these days referred to as the Arrowverse, is showing no sign of ending soon and continues to expand. It's also only a short three years younger than the MCU.

    This years Arrow Season 7 will be notable because it's not just the first time one of the shows reaches the traditional finale season point that will indicate whether CW plans to place a cap on incarnations or to continually extend as they do with Supernatural, but it will be the first time that (outside a brief line of dialogue) the universe brings in the core Batman mythology.

    This coming season Ollie will travel to Gotham City and Batwoman will feature. This appears to be for this years four episode event storyline where the four active shows merge for a single threat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asura View Post
    Is "universe" the right word for this? I mean they're not connected, are they?

    Maybe "The DCW Loosely Affiliated Range of TV Shows"...
    This is a rare occasion where they're all properly connected with characters regularly popping up on other shows, they've reached a point where even key events from one show can occur in another. It's only let down by the fluctuating quality levels across the shows

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    CW is set to launch another part of the growing 'Arrowverse', this time it being Batwoman. The character will be introduced in this Decembers four episode long four show cross over event. It's said it could be on air for early 2019 though I'd guess late 2019 is more likely.

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    The upcoming Batwoman series will unsurprisingly not feature Batman at all which is the norm given how restrictive Warners is about TV appearances of the character in live action form

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    Ruby Rose has been cast as Batwoman. The only good news here is that presumably she'll be in less movies now.

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    Flash star Grant Gustin comes back at body shamers who were digging at him

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    The upcoming crossover episodes will see Superman return as well as the introduction of Lois Lane

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