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    Super Famicom Controller Options

    So, in anticipation of eventually getting my hands on a Super nt, and my dislike of used controllers Iím wondering what my options are?

    Iím quite sure that any NOS official pads would go for a Kingís ransom were any discovered... so I stared thinking about 3rd party options like the Hudson Super Joy Card, or the Hori Commander or even the Ascii Turbo Pad but thereís none of those available currently either.

    Isnít the little Hudson bee cute...

    So so what are my options for a nice new wired pad? Thereís a plethora on eBay... are they all crap?

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    SNES mini and convert those pads?

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    Why restrict yourself to wired? The 8bitdo pads are great IMO.

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    The Hudson Super Joy Card pad looks great, I've been looking at these also back and forth. Chances of finding a mint one will take some time i believe.

    I am currently using an 8Bitdo wireless SFC30 and the SFC retro wireless adaptor. It works great but its not quite the same as using a wired original pad. I plan to take out the SFC30 PCB though and transfer it into an original pad.

    The reason I also picked up the SFC retro adaptor was to also test out the 8bito NES30 arcade stick.

    Brad's also got the right idea, always convert a Mini Pad surely.
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    I use an 8Bitdo receiver, paired with a Wiimote, and then a Classic mini pad in the Wiimote. Works great.

    Also have the 8Bitdo N30 stick but I switch all the buttons and stick for Sanwa parts. Works a treat now.


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