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Sorry I'm late to the thread, I hadn't played all the games, but I rectified that last night!

So, my order is:
5. Robo Army (not much fun)
4. Sengoku 1 (too hard to be fun)
3. Mutation Nation (limited combat but great visuals)
2. Sengoku 2 (great theme and action)
1. Sengoku 3 (complex fighting and gorgeous graphics)

Thanks for another top thread, Leon!

On a side note, has anyone played the Korean game, "Black Touch", which sounds like a porno, but is actually a fast-paced beat 'em up that yoinks a load of sprites from other games?
I'm glad you enjoyed the thread. It was really interesting reading your thoughts on each game. I haven't played 'Black Touch', but I will take a look at it on my new Pi 3B.