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    I've been going on the sunday with mates for the couple years and it was nice to have them expand it out to 2 large rooms for the first time since i started going when they restarted from that farm function room. I can see from the picture the F355 machine actually had F355 in it , sunday they had swapped it out the rom for Outrun2 which was really good fun. Also enjoyed the standup Hang-on and Ridge racer machines, operation wolf and 4 player Gauntlet. Also fewer knackered machines this year which is nice, a couple of the older arcades had bits of the monitor cut off, T2 second uzi didn't work and the 2 SF2 machines we played both had joystick problems.

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    That's actually me briefly in shot at 33:50 before getting out of the way of the camera so Jim could be interviewed heh. I know Jim from the Vectrex community, but Revival was the first time I'd gotten to meet him as he lives all the way up in Scotland.
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