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    Great to read the positive opinions here. Really looking forward to playing this (I loved Heavy Rain).

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    Finally got around to starting this last night, mostly past the initial sections for each of the three main characters. The game is visually very nice, it seemed a tad low res at first but it's for the best as it helps a lot of the imagery seem pretty natural. Nothing original as yet about the story and it feels like it continues on close enough from Beyond's gameplay but I'm enjoying it and will put aside the half dozen or so other titles I'm picking at to focus on this till it's done. The flowchart is nice, just to have the reassurance about the number of outcomes etc. I've no interest in replaying any sections, I did that to 100% Heavy Rain and by the end it had pretty much destroyed the initial experience so I find these are best experienced as one whole then walked away from which I'll be doing again here. Solid first impression from the game though.

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    I'm getting into the tail end and I think the games main mistake at this point is the three character split. Whilst not new to Cage games, following multiple leads is just making me feel like the game only goes surface deep with each one and there's not enough time left for it to turn that around I guess. I'm definitely enjoying it but it's starting to feel like he needs to evolve the game part of the experience more next time.

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    Finished this last night and it was a solid enough game. The way I got through it meant Connor kind of bowed out in a very undramatic manner missing pretty much everything that marked the climax of the game out. Kara's storyline ended on a happy note across the board whilst Markus proved to be the real unique one, getting an ending that apparently has only been selected by 2% of the games playerbase.


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