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    Another superhero reboot is now official, this time Spawn

    It's already been confirmed that Jamie Foxx will play the lead role in the Blumhouse made refresh of the series. Todd McFarlane will himself be directing this effort. The movie is going to have a very, very low budget of $10-$12 million putting it more in to the horror bracket as matched by it's R-rating however that increases the chances of it proving to be a success.

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    Jeremy Renner has signed on to play Twitch alongside Jamie Foxx's Spawn

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    It's been a while since I saw the original but it confused me because on one hand you had this dark brooding anti-hero, all flowing blood cape and menacing presence.

    On the other hand, you had Danny DeVito eating rats whilst wearing Kiss makeup.
    Wasn't he the main bad guy too?

    EDIT: To be fair to John Leguizamo, he's actually played some pretty varied roles over the years. He's unrecognisable in this, but also in To Wong Foo, Super Mario Brothers and Ice Age!
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