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    Looks like the only way you can get on the beta is to pre-order. I'd do it (and then cancel, which shows not making this an open beta is totally pointless tbh), but it seems that it's US & Canada only at the moment:

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    Be honest... who’s getting this to go with their Pipboy thingy?

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    I find the lack of detail on the gameplay disturbing

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    Slightly more detail in this interview:

    With regards to griefing Hines says, "If you see a deathclaw and don't want to fight it you run away and it won't chase you all over the map" - the suggestion is that if you don't want PvP it's on you to avoid it. Yeah, that's *really* going to work because people online are never asshats.

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    Sounds like mandatory PVP which is a shame. Although I've played PVP and done things like the Dark Zone in the Division, it isn't my thing and I much prefer PVE where I'm safe and coordinating with other players.

    Again like @hudson says, 5 months from release and we barely know anything about the game. That's shocking imo. We should have seen it and be getting hyped about the systems, progression, gameplay, world etc. Not the carefully massaged PR BS drip-feed so far.

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    If you make it forced PVP, there's more incentive for people to spend money on in-game currency for base defences

    I don't think I've seen any mention of monetisation in FallOut 76; if it has been raised I've missed it.

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    They are probably trying to hide the monetisation until after the release and people have bought the game.

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    If you were hoping to get this via Steam, you're out of luck:

    Just another tick in the negatives box for me.

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    Just been reading about this on Eurogamer. Unfortunately it isn't that different from other large western publishers. And it's sibling organisation (Zenimax Online Studios) did this 4 years ago with The Elder Scrolls Online.

    Indeed running TESO via Steam is meant to be a much worse way to play that game, so I never bothered.

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