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    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Edition

    Cancelled a pre-order for a physical copy and went for the digital version in the end, as I knew I'd be away from Tuesday afternoon.

    Having stayed up to play it at midnight and had a decent session, this is a nice (not so) little package. Obviously there's loads of games to get stuck in to and some of the background material included is pretty interesting. I found myself reading up quite a bit on the development of SFII.

    The online side of things seems pretty solid. I tried Alpha 3 and Third Strike and both were very stable with no noticeable lag. The only exception was the lobby mode, which is separate from casual, ranked and "arcade" modes (where you play the game on your own and people challenge you as you play), and was a bit hit and miss. Lobby mode, as far as I can tell, means you join a lobby with various other people and you get to choose/vote on which game you play every time, whereas in the other modes you just pick one game and play that until you want to do something else. The lobbies seemed a bit unstable and the connection kept dropping, but I'm not that bothered to be honest, as the other online modes are enough and work well.

    Overall, there's plenty here and it's a bit of a no-brainer if you like your Street Fighter. Just don't bother with the first one- it's ****.

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    Is there any extra input lag compared to just emulating the titles?

    SF2HD Remix on the PS3 felt noticeably off when things got hectic due to its processing lag and I'm hoping the PS4 compilation isn't trying to account for various TV input lags and online latencies by doing the same kind of thing to even it out for everyone as it feels so off when you're relying on muscle memory combos you've pulled off for decades now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by replicashooter View Post
    Is there any extra input lag compared to just emulating the titles?
    Not that I noticed. As soon as I started Third Strike I was reeling off all my old combos with no problems whatsoever. Came across a weirdly high number of Hugos online at first (I main Hugo) and had to resort to a bit of pedigree Chun for my first win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by endo View Post
    pedigree Chun

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    It’s a superb collection of games. Yeah the original is a stinker although even that has some nostalgia value for me because I used to play it (badly) in arcades when I was a kid. But after that, there isn’t a bad version on this collection. Some won’t get much play because they were made effectively redundant by later versions but even those are great to have to revisit memories of this years.

    For me, the highlights are SFA2 and SF3 Third Strike but I’ll end up giving most of them a blast once I get myself a half decent Switch controller for them (still taking recommendations). The one notable absense is SFA3Upper. I know that would mean a different conversion due to its hardware but to have an ALMOST complete SF collection and be missing those characters from any SFA3 version seems like a big shame. Even just from the point of view of, like some of the older versions, putting me back in that time and experiencing that artwork and animation. It’s a hole in this collection.

    But that’s looking at what isn’t here rather than what is. What is here is pure Street Fighter gold.

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    After gaving modded a few modern sticks to work on Neo geo I was thinking that it might not be too tough to take the input->USB logic board of a some cheap 3rd party Switch pad and place it inside a decent stick. Gonna look see if anyone's taken one of those cheap argos ones apart. Long as the soldering's not tiny surface mounted stuff re: the inputs then should be doable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg Thang View Post
    The one notable absense is SFA3Upper.
    True, but similar to how yourself have said, there are many versions of Alpha 3 on different platforms and it isn't easy for the to pick the "right" one. Like you could argue they should've taken the PSP version, as that had the most characters - but several of them just didn't "fit" in the game. If I remember correctly it had Eagle and Maki as they feature in Capcom vs SNK2, and Ingrid from Capcom Fighting Jam - probably others too. I found their sprite-work to really stick out against the rest of the cast.

    It was OK in CvsS2 for characters like Morrigan to stick out, because that was just a daft crossover again, but I think Alpha 3's spritework is really quite good.

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    It is. And that’s why it’s a shame to miss the versions of Fei Long, Guile etc who were custom made (unlike Eagle and Maki) for Alpha 3 along with backgrounds and music absent from this one.

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    Been playing Alpha 2 on Switch in tabletop mode with the 8bitdo SFC30 pad. Feeling very spoilt with this portable SF setup.

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    I am interested in this but I already have 3rd strike so I'm going to wait until the price point comes down to about 15


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