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    Wow, this thread really is a lover of tangents.

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    Tangents and more tangents, Still laughing. Been selling my collection slowly, will be keeping some stuff, selling other stuff, using the money for comic art instead, which IS going up in value in general, but not for investment purposes, because it want it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zaki Matar View Post
    At least 4 people need a blow job in this thread.
    Are you offering to them? Do we get to find out who that is?
    Lie with passion and be forever damned...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayhem View Post
    Are you offering to them? Do we get to find out who that is?
    Taking this to The Blue Room

    All those who want to find out what happens next, subcribe to borders down!

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    Quote Originally Posted by _SD_ View Post
    Now, I’m not suggesting that we’re going to have a mass video game crash and everyone’s going to ditch their stupid touch screen phones (if only)... but it does make you wonder where it’s all going to end.
    I think a lot of gamers are happy to focus on a few games, so there will always be enough "big thing" games every few years to keep them happy. The few big publishers still around don't have anything to worry about.

    Quote Originally Posted by _SD_ View Post
    I just hate hate that video gaming has gone completely mainstream. I was much happier being a nerd buying Mean Machines to find out what NES games were good.
    As much as the industry is bigger than ever, I think it has always been mass market. The Atari VCS/2600 was a huge success in the late 70s, home computers were used by all ages in the 80s, and consoles like the Mega Drive and SNES were popular with kids, teens, and young adults in the 90s. Also, the NES was a hugely succesful mass market console in 80s America.

    When people say "gaming used to be the sole domain of nerds", I don't think that's true at all. I remember clearly that all sorts of people were into gaming back in the day, even if it's true that there were nerds/geeks who embraced the hobby with more enthusiasm than your average gamer. The nerd/geek gamers were very important in the early days of gaming, but their influence had waned quite dramatically by the end of the 90s.

    The major difference in gaming I've seen over the past 20 years, is a move away from the industry catering to nerds/geeks. Instead the focus has been on the broader casual market. This has led to lots of devs and publishers going out of business, because sales expectations are based on mass market titles like Grand Theft Auto V. Games that the nerds/geeks tend to crave and appreciate are unlikely to sell 10 million copies, so the few remaining publishers naturally cater to the broader casual market.
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