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    My issue was less about what they did with that and more just that I had already seen too many versions of a Christmas Carol. I need people to stop making that. It feels like a lazy go-to thing. So I wasn't really able to just see the Blackadder special for what it was.
    Admittedly when I first saw it, I hadn't seen that many adaptations of the story.

    It makes me wish there was a proper Victorian Blackadder. @Blobcat and I have always said that Miriam Margoyles and Jim Broadbent made a great Victoria/Albert.

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    Blackadder 3 is the funniest by far in my view. Adding Hugh Laurie as a regular was a genius move, he's so damn funny in this, he just puts it ahead of the others for me, sublime comedy acting.

    I liked the Xmas special as well, it came out betwixt 3&4, Xmas '88 iirc, so still has the anarchic spirit goin' on. I really didn't fancy the later 'special', I sensed the comedy flame had burned out by then. Just one of those things I'm curious about but never wanna watch.

    My verdict: B3>B2>BCC>B4>B1

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    My nickname is based on this program so yeah... Love it.


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