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    Never did like these games, everything felt too chunky and large, it wasn’t as precise as Mario. Tried again on the Wuu and still didn’t like the game.

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    We've been playing DKC on the SFC Mini, taking turns. It's frustrating at times but once I got the hang of the controls, it became great fun. Of course it's no Mario but the graphics and sound are insane. And that mine cart level. Jesus. That twangy sound effect when you jump haunts my nightmares.

    I tried DKC 2 and 3 but I feel they were trying too hard with the graphics and they just look a bit of a mess. The graphics in the first game are simpler and thus more pleasing to mine eye. My wife played DKC3 when she was younger so I put it on there but I'm not interested in playing it or DKC 2 as there's zero nostalgia for me.


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