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    I saw it here in Portugal for €299.99, discounted from €499.99, and thought that had to be a mistake.

    Well, mine's being delivered later today. :-)

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    Can't find it anywhere in Spain. Checked the Spanish GAME website and it's out of stock.

    Can someone in the UK buy it for me and sent it over? I'll reward you with games and money

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    I really want it but have a standard X I already donít play. Every time I think Iím gonna fire it up to play something a new PS4 title comes along. Iím a few days off completing death stranding and lou2 comes along.

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    Have a look here.

    Edit: Sorry, it shows as backordered.
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    Damn that's a great price...

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    My mates should get his today & mine is arriving on Mon, so its definitely being shipped at that price and is legit, not a big cock up by MS and the retailers with mass cancellations.

    Honestly Cyberpunk OneX at £260 is a absolute steal.


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