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Thread: Prey (2017)

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    Prey (2017)

    Even before the forum crash i don't think there was a thread for this in first play anyway, criminally overlooked title from 2017, which i didn't get around to play until i got for 16 about january this year. Likely main reasons for this,are the quite average dishonored 1 and 2/both new Deus Ex boring people of the genre, and prey own problems with loose gunplay, the slow start it has and depending on how meticulous you are the game could run very long tiring out players before they reached the end.

    The main reason i'm starting a thread is the new DLC mooncrash, which is a new playground obviously set on the moon so a new factor off the bat is low gravity which wasn't a feature in the previous game which was normal gravity and zero-g, which allows longer jumps and the dodge boost now goes much further which means they started cramming in secrets in all sorts of hard to reach places. The gameplay loop is you start a run, pick one of 5 characters with different abilities (basically a class choice) and escape from the base, once you escape you choose the remaining 4 characters to escape, once all 5 characters are dealt with either via death or escape the run ends, you get scored on actions, items found, crew found, story beats completed, secondary missions, enemies killed and escape method.

    What i don't know right now is how hard it gets (escape with the first character was pretty easy), is it only enemies, items and hazards(which seems the case from the welcome notes) that change or do the environments swap layouts on a new run and does anything carry over from the previous run.

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    Done my first play through and started the next which has answered most of my questions.

    *the score you get when you finish a character via escaping or death becomes a currency to buy equipment to use on next character or on starting a new run. Equipment and chipsets are permanently unlocked to buy via finding plans in game.

    *So far when you start a new character, it starts in the same place but you "unlock" new area with a new escape route, the map is always the same, it is just the enemies, loot and hazards which change. Also within a run, anything you loot on previous character is not available for the next characters so don't loot everything! generally you with get more items once you reach a new escape area but it makes the start tough, this all resets on a new run.

    *difficulty, game has a ticking corruption clock, so the more time you spend looting, the more time you waste for the next 4 characters in the run resulting in harder monsters, risk reward to loot better equipment to kill harder stuff or go bare essentials and keep it to lower end monsters. You can get clock resets from reaching secrets or killing hard monsters.

    *are are new weapons and monsters to fight, gotten some sort of mimic whip grenade and fought some mid boss like massive mimic hiding in the moon dirt like some temors monster, detecting via sound so throwing random items on the dirt will make him go investigate.

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    I had a few goes yesterday, it’s like a prey roguelike. It works really well

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    You haven’t said if it’s any good or not?

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    it's good , if you like the base game (which i do) and want more a challenge with new areas to go and new enemies to fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobal View Post
    it's good , if you like the base game (which i do) and want more a challenge with new areas to go and new enemies to fight.
    Splendid! Might give it a rattle tonight. Never finished the main game (was holding out for a resolution boost update for the pro, which never came).

    Excellent game - criminally slow start though, but ramps up rather nicely

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    Nice impressions chaps, I've had this on my Wishlist for ages. What with the free DLC and the upcoming VR add on its a bargin.

    11.99 on cd keys for PC at the mo


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