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    Remedy have announced their next game is called Control and will launch next year for PS4, XBO and PC. The lead character uses a shape changing gun in what seems to be a typical Remedy type of game. It's a sandbox action game but we'll likely have to wait to see more:

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    This was announced as a multiplatform game.

    Staggering how much like quantum break it looks, which is really great.

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    It looks brilliant and building on the great work done in QB. Can't wait

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilBoris View Post
    This was announced as a multiplatform game.

    Staggering how much like Quantum Break it looks, which is really great.
    It’s the same actor who played Kate in quantum break, part of me says this was very early QB2 that got reworked.

    I suppose that was because of QB’s resounding success as a single player action story game with no lootboxes or tagged on multi.....oh wait that was the “good” timeline, which we of course aren’t living in currently.

    I do hope this does well for Remedy/505, QB was an awesome game and I’ll be there day one for this.

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    It has a very QB feel which is no bad thing. Quantum Break is underrated thanks to its overuse of acting cinematics but once you got into the gameplay the mechanics and tactics were great.

    They just need to focus a bit less on the movie and more on the action.

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    I'm managing all social channels for this title.

    So far these Dev Diaries have been posted, the second one went live today.

    And to clear something up: This is way more action oriented than QB.

    Dev Diary 1 - Introducing the Story

    Dev Diary 2 - Introducing the Gameplay


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