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    Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    Tweaks but mostly a Smash Bros mash up of the previous four games built on WiiU's shoulders. Stages, fighters and bonuses all return for this compendium entry which launches for NS on 07 December 2018

    Ridley and Daisy also join the fight

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    As suspected, it is the Wii U game with some added characters, costumes and tweaks. Another pisstake for us Wii U owners who bought all first party software on the system.

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    I love how Nintendo always do this. Release the same game with minor updates. They're no better than EA and their ****ty sports games. Yet NOBODY will have anything bad to say against Nintendo.

    Do you know what I saw advertised on TV today for the Switch? Bloody Mario Tennis game. It's the same game that they've been churning out for years And yes, waggle controls were part of the TV ad.

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    I bought this game twice, drawn in both times by the characters and fanservice, but I just simply don't enjoy the game. It's not for me. But if it were for me, all these characters and stages would be a dream. I understand the draw for fans of the series but it really felt like the focus on this one came at the expense of a better look at other games.

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    Looks like Zero Suit Samus got two big nerfs.

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    Am I the only one who thinks the new game looks much worse than the WiiU one?

    Quote Originally Posted by Adam View Post
    Looks like Zero Suit Samus got two big nerfs.
    Yeah, seems weird when her previous appearance matched the Amiibo figure.

    Ignoring the boob thing for a moment, why is the version on the left much better in terms of lighting and detail than the one on the right?

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    Aye well, people keep buying it....

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    I remember when Melee looked stunning for its time, since then... the series hasn't shined visually for its time as much with each entry. I thought the same when they showed Mario in the trailer who's looking a bit rough in Ultimate. The Samus downsizing though... it's just a bit tiresome of them.

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