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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    Any future Smash entries would presumably need a complete retool, new approach and new roster... frankly something that should have happened with the third game. I'm fine with Ultimate mostly on it being a compendium more than a sequel but for me Smash is a bit stale and in need of a shot in its veins so I'll happily take big changes for the next game.
    I don't see that happening. Nintendo is more likely to create a new fighter (in fact, ARMS is kinda this).

    Revamping franchises just never works these days. Even if you make a good game, people will complain that you're exploiting the brand and rail against it.

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    I wish they would though, the concept of Smash is technically fine but it relies on the mechanic of knocking out of ring too heavily for my tastes. The endless bounding back onto platforms is one of the games most tedious mechanics. A retool of the actual combat coupled with a gutting of the characters for new ones would be very welcome for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dataDave View Post
    Smash is Smash. If they amalgamate Melee and Smash4 into one game successfully they will only ever need to worry about maybe adding new stuff over the coming years. What we need is a reason to never have to go back to Melee/ProjectM. You can't go changing the formula. It's absolutely sacrosanct, and for good reason.

    Saying Smash needs to change is like going back to 1995 and saying mainline Street Fighter needs to go full 3D like Tekken. If that'd have been the case we wouldn't have ended up with Third Strike. Actually, what Street Fighter now needs is a 4th entry to Street Fighter 3... Which would consist solely of balance adjustments, whole new backgrounds, and an additional four or five characters at most.

    Maybe they can do more with single-player. A VF4 EVO style arcade mode would really open up the game for most players who don't really get what the game is about. But once you get to that place it's pure crack. The best way in doing so is to play with other people, ideally in a local multiplayer environment - it's not a very hard game to get hooked on, and it's one that's also easy to rapidly improve at.
    The issue with this is that Sakurai (apparently) abhors how Melee's metagame developed, which is why Brawl was as it was. Given how Sm4sh is I can't see them leaning that far into what Melee was and exists to be. Plus I mean, Melee exists, and people aren't going to stop playing it any time soon.

    As many people entered Evo for Melee as Smash 4, which says it all to me.

    I think you're way off the mark with your SFIII suggestion too. Nobody would care about that. Despite being a masterpiece Third Strike wasn't even that popular. Plus Third Strike is perfect as is, ner. lol
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    I always suspect that Nintendo doesn't really know how to process the enduring popularity of Melee beyond needlessly rereleasing the Gamecube controller each generation. It's popularity and Project M's are a happy accidental quirk of fate from a company that up until the last year or two didn't give a fig about the niche Evo etc audience. Beyond post-release tweaks and support most companies should ignore such fanbases as a rule.

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedlolita View Post
    Plus Third Strike is perfect as is, ner. lol
    Massive balancing issues though man, even at intermediate play. You've got to really put yourself out to indulge further than Ken, Yun, Chun Li. In an age where most things are balanced wonderfully it'd be nice to see the penultimate 2D fighter get the same treatment with a fourth iteration. 3S may not have been as popular as World Warrior back in the day, but since then it has generated a huge fanbase - and coming off the back of SFV it'd absolutely crush it.

    Anyway, my point was that if a fourth iteration of SFIII did exist it wouldn't be in any way a departure from the SFIII series. A complete change for Smash would turn it into some kind of third-person arena fighter or something else crazy which is what I think @Superman_Falls is suggesting, either that or an MvC3 clone. Coming from Nintendo/NamcoBandai it'd probably be a good game, but it'd be Smash in name only.

    The whole name 'Smash' comes from smashing stuff off of stages with Smash Attacks. I'm not sure where else we go from there!(?).

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    I'm desperate for some Smash now. I was doing great with StarCraft II as well.

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    For me, I think I'd like the frequency of the arena knocks outs to be toned down so the match culminated in them more than was based around them. I know Smash games off a lot of match customisation but I'd prefer the core moveset to more closely mirror that of typical fighters with longer bouts of proper combo and special move play which increased the damage over time rather than picking up an item and then BLAM. Then for the arenas to be more creative in structure. It'd be a shake up but not beyond what Mario Kart has seen since SMK

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    Ironically the thing i enjoyed most about smash was the trophy collecting. Only used to play the modes to unlock them, enjoyed going through reading all the info on each & veiwing the models from all angles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by importaku View Post
    Ironically the thing i enjoyed most about smash was the trophy collecting. Only used to play the modes to unlock them, enjoyed going through reading all the info on each & viewing the models from all angles.
    Don't worry, enough time in Japan and you automatically go for the upskirt. It just becomes second nature. Spent most of my MHW time this week doing just that.

    Quote Originally Posted by dataDave View Post

    Quoted just 'cos.

    edit: nope, can't do it. had to put it in spoiler tags.


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