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    Retrogamer 30th Anniversary Mega Drive special

    Just a look out to any MD fans, to get this issue. Got my sub copy back today and the cover alone is so special and a joy to any MD fan (subscribers only) . Great feature on the system, with some nice quotes from various developers that made the system, what it was along with some nice MD related stuff . Also there's a great feature on the Build engine that powered the likes of Duke Nukem 3D.

    Great issue well worth getting
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    This looks good, I'll pick it up if I see a copy.

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    I hope it's better than the PC-Engine one.

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    Well I thought it was a good issue and I still like 'the making of' features in Retro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garrz32 View Post
    Mag has been dire for years.
    I'll have to respectfully disagree

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    You'd think Strider writes for them with the way he talks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaki Matar View Post
    You'd think Strider writes for them with the way he talks!
    I've heard the editor is an incredibly handsome chap with great taste in forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garrz32 View Post
    Mag has been dire for years.
    Was trying to spy on who liked this post and accidentally liked it myself

    Thanks for the heads up, I’ll pick this up. I think I actually prefer the non subscriber cover, fortunately!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    I hope it's better than the PC-Engine one.
    Yeah, it was a weak article for such a great machine. As much as you had the likes of Julian Rignall talking about how amazing the machine was when it first appeared, there wasn't much substance to the article, so it felt far too lightweight. If you're going to celebrate a machine as iconic and significant as the PC Engine, you really need more than a nice cover. I think Retro Gamer should dedicate at least 8 packed pages when celebrating a console or computer that has a rich library of games and things connected with it. It seems like these sort of articles aren't handled with the passion they deserve. It would be in RG's favour to deliver truly great articles.

    Away from that sort of negativity though, I always enjoy Retro Gamer. I have every issue - and find myself going back to old issues quite often. It's a well crafted magazine overall, always full of interesting interviews and features. It's just a sad fact that sometimes you get a complete let down like the PC Engine feature that should have been much more satisfying.

    I can also say that I don't like features that treat the reader like they are new to gaming, because surely it would be better to aim the articles at enthusiasts, so they can maybe learn a thing or two, and the more casual or younger gamers will probably also appreciate things being more indepth. The magazine should be aimed to appeal to dedicated, seasoned gamers, because that would probably end up making all the readers happy.
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