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    iHeart Gaming: Love Max Edition Thread

    We've had old gamer cynicism about gaming, companies and practices come up several times across multiple threads so it's time to have a thread where we can strip down to our Klonoa boxer shorts, oil up on Octoling juices and slip into the collective love fest of revelling in our love of gaming!

    What do you love about gaming and favourite titles/series?
    Why does your interest endure?

    Basically, gush about anything gaming related why you've given your Heart Container to the hobby!

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    Without gaming, I wouldn't be here with you lot!

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    Gaming is my escapism from the world... I very much enjoy my own company and growing up I would let my imagination run wild in all kinds of gaming genres.

    Some may see it as an anti social, unhealthy past time, but for me, it is a part of my lifestyle... I may dip in and out of it, from time to time, as my life evolves, but I always find myself coming back to an inviting, fun place to escape to again...

    Without gaming, life would be a whole lot less fun for me...


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    It's the engagement that makes gaming so special, it's so hard to convey that accurately to people who don't bother with it. TV and Movies are enjoyable due to the escapism and it's the same thing with gaming but without it being a passive experience. When a game is done right it's great to enjoy an experience where you're enjoying the simple experience of how the control feels.

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    I'm going through a bit of a personal gaming golden era. I don't get as much time to play as I used to, but I don't buy anywhere near as many games as I used to. This has been key. The period of buying new games every month and finishing very few lasted way too long, but having other things in life (kids, really) requiring my old gaming budget has been the best thing that could happen to my gaming. Also, I think gaming in general is the best I can ever remember it ... and I never thought I'd ever be saying that after the magical 16-bit era.

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    I find it fun. That's all I can say really. Whenever I try examining why I enjoy the things I enjoy and attempt to explain it, I end up talking about an idea, a thought, a concept, rather than the thing itself.

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    I'm not normally wowed by graphics, but I've seen some really pretty games since getting the PS4 and One.
    Monster Hunter: World, 3D Trine 2, Sea of Thieves and Trials Fusion spring to mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    Without gaming, I wouldn't be here with you lot!

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    This gen is the first one where I wasn't there from the beginning(or close enough to it). I'd convinced myself I wasn't into gaming any more but it's just because I'd been using a PS3 since I moved to Japan. Now that I've started setting aside time for gaming - and finally getting a PS4 - the love is reignited.

    I love films; I love music; I love books; I love games.

    I was a bit meh about this generation but I realise it's just because I wasn't an active part of it until now. It's easy to roll my eyes at the social aspects, having to choose an account for each controller, and other such nonsense, but the games are wonderful enough to mostly cancel out the negative stuff.

    I've started reading gaming sites like Eurogamer every day(as well as venturing beyond the Off-Topic forums on here for a change!), checking PSN for bargains every few days, going to shops to see what's available, and just enjoying the buzz.



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