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    Quote Originally Posted by Asura View Post
    In truth, I always felt similarly about the Dreamcast DoA2 in comparison to Soul Calibur. However, I should say that I never felt that Virtua Fighter did so well with this either, in fact I've always disliked Virtua Fighter's aesthetic. I always liked how the games looked because they're technically very proficient, and their animation is just wonderful, but I was never a fan of the character designs nor the stages.

    I'm not too big a fan of Tekken either in this regard (and their ongoing "motorcycle clothing with metal pieces stuck to it" aesthetic).

    I think just in terms of pure theming, the Soul series was the best of the 3D fighters (in Blade/1/2 - then it went off the deep end with the character customisation in 3).
    I agree about Virtua Fighter in general, I just thought the third game had something about it that stood out. Aside from that, it's always bored me, aesthetically. It's very dry in comparison to the other fighters. I want to like it but it feels so joyless.

    If 3D fighting games were alcohol then Tekken would be lager. It's been around since time began and it's what pretty much everyone enjoys. Virtua Fighter would be an Italian red. It's what you're supposed to like but no one really does. Dead or Alive is a cheap alcopop. A guilty pleasure that we've all enjoyed but best left to teenage boys. And Soul Calibur is a small batch gin in a well designed bottle. Beautifully crafted but not something you go to on a regular basis. The Mortal Kombat games are White Lightning.

    And yes, I've been boozing heavily since about 7pm

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    I purchased the Rumble Roses games after reading this thread. They look nice but play like garbage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marius View Post
    I purchased the Rumble Roses games after reading this thread. They look nice but play like garbage.
    I may have said this earlier but I briefly played one of the PS2 ones, and I remember something about being able to spy on the characters in the changing rooms before they went into the ring? It's weird. I don't fully understand it but Rumble Roses feels seedy in a way that Dead or Alive Volleyball just doesn't.

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    I had the first Rumble Roses on the PS2 and it was pretty poor. Just a cheap version of Smackdown which is nothing special to start with. Now, a Dead or Alive game based on the N64's WWF No Mercy and we're really cooking with gas.


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