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    Yes, it’s also mixed with downtime in a similar manner to Silent Hill 4, but it’s all done in a much better way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chopemon View Post
    Is 3 considered the best?
    It's been a long time, but I think so.

    If you were looking to play this one first though, the story is a continuation of the story from the previous games (the first especially), where as the first two would work on their own.

    There's probably not much to choose between 2 & 3, where as the first one looks and feels a bit more primitive.

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    I agree with ZipZap. Project Zero is still good to play, but it certainly feels a little more basic compared to the sequel. Having said that, the sequel doesn't highlight when a door is locked, which is more than a little annoying. Currently on the 6th chapter, so I reckon I'll be done with it by the weekend

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    I've only played and owned the 1st two games on the PS2 and then OG XBox collection.
    I had to stop playing the 1st game at one point because I was so scared and frightened and simply couldn't take any more (when you hear a voice behind you in surround sound) . They are both brilliant games and the amtopehere they both create is chilling the bone.

    Most prob the best horror series ever made, in terms of being a truly scary games

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    One of my most memorable moments is "peeping child" at approx 1:10. Bear in mind I was playing in the dark late at night and as we've already established, the game creates quite a tense atmosphere!

    "I bet if hold my camera up I can see through that window..."

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    Ugh. Near the end of the game and I'm close to giving up. There's a ghost you have to run away from that kills you with one touch and the constant camera angles is making it difficult to run away from her. Very annoying.


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