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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    I can imagine raising kids in this connected era can be difficult. I mean on the one hand, the internet is great because we have access to so much information, but on the other, kids are almost certainly accessing information before they have the faculties to really understand it.

    Like I remember back when I was first able to be on the internet unsupervised. Suffice to say, I looked at all sorts, but that included a bunch of stuff you could probably only look at via the dark-web these days. Of course, this was "innocent" - I was about 12 and I wanted to see if all those things I'd heard about actually existed. Obviously though, I saw things that I wasn't prepared for in some cases, stuff which did genuinely give me nightmares.

    (a disturbing thing is in the spoiler)

    One that I remember was an animated gif of three guys killing a pig for what I think was fun. Two of them held the thrashing animal down while a third decapitated it with what looked like a hedge trimmer. After the head was gone, the body thrashed around in a kind of panic until it slumped over, dead.

    You were probably all expecting something more sexual than that; obviously there was that too; however I grew up in a medical family and didn't have hang-ups about that. I can imagine some families and kids having real problems with that.

    The internet was like the wild west back then; completely divorced from real life. The point of the above is that you didn't go looking for that stuff online back then, but would still find it interspersed with what you were looking for, because that was just how the internet was. You'd be reading a page about Sonic the Hedgehog and then the next article on that primitive proto-blog would be about double-penetration.

    Now it's so ingrained into real life that I don't know how people deal with this. Do you just have to accept your kids are going to see that stuff, and try to prepare them? Or do you do your best to prevent it (and likely fail)?

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    A fair assessment, Asura. I think though that the argument you mention from some parents (basically that 'kids will play/see it anyway so sod it') is reprehensible. Some parents I know were delighted Blops 3 went free on PS+ recently, despite fact it's 18 and their kids are 10.
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    I remember wondering about the game but have forgotten about it completely since. That but in VR would be h'amaze.

    Shenmue 1&2 digital pre-orders are 10% off on the PSN. Oddly it makes me want to cancel and wait on digital sales instead.

    Also, July 24th brings Train Sim World to PS4 and XB1! Never before could you pay so much to take the train from Cardiff to Paddington*

    *outside of real life
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    Olly Moss has joined Valve. So I guess that means we'll never see anything from him ever again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg Thang View Post
    Olly Moss has joined Valve. So I guess that means we'll never see anything from him ever again?
    You know whatís sad, I saw him tweet this news and thought the exact same thing.
    To put a positive spin on it if he did some valve IP prints they no doubt would be, as always, incredible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg Thang View Post
    Olly Moss has joined Valve. So I guess that means we'll never see anything from him ever again?
    From what I heard about how cliquey Valve is, and how good their benefits are, I do wonder if it's just down to being a club of people who invite in people they like who they want to share "the good life" with.

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    Bandai Namco Teases Zombie Horror Project

    "A creepy website was recently launched by Bandai Namco. Shown in the mysterious site is what looked like a footage or a recording of a house labeled as "domas-SCENE01" with the date 08.30.2018. It also has a play button which from the looks of it will only work on the exact date provided."


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