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    GODS Remastered will be released for PC and Xbox One on 4/Dec, with the PS4 and Switch versions coming soon after.


    On a somewhat related note, a 'remade' version of North & South had a very quiet release on last generation consoles as The Bluecoats: North vs South. Not much care must have gone into it seeing as the PS3 version lacks trophy support, which is mandatory since the beginning of 2009.

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    That's it. All the good games have been remade, evidently. We're down to the... Well, not bad per se, but, I dunno... Middling?

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    The Bluecoats: North vs South does have trophies.

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    Based on the discussion I linked to, I was led to believe it didn't. If it does have trophy support, why don't trophy tracking sites have its trophy list on their databases? Which they should, regardless of the fact no one has played the game or unlocked one of its trophies.

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    "The PlayStation Vita hasn’t been directly supported by Sony for several years, with the company preferring to focus all of its resources on the PlayStation 4. However, it (briefly) appeared that game cartridges still had some place at Sony, if a recent patent filing was indication.

    A South Korean patent filing, spotted by the Dutch website TechTastic, was made public this month, and it is for an “electronic game cartridge.” It doesn’t appear like anything we’ve seen from a video game system before, with a large round hole on one side and a port at the bottom of the other. It most closely resembles the block Apple wraps its headphones around when they’re bundled with an iPhone, and doesn’t appear that it will actually go in a system.

    As one of our readers pointed out, however, the device also looks like a piece of the children’s toy platform Toio, which Sony first revealed in 2017. The piece in question plugs into the top, if it is indeed the same as the images in the patent."

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    M2 adding ESP Ra.De to their Shot Triggers series!
    And even more news, they are working on a new Aleste game!!

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    I would stab a dog for a new Isolation game or PSVR support

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    Nintendo grossed 23 billion yen with Fire Emblem Heroes.
    Last edited by briareos_kerensky; 07-01-2019 at 11:14 AM. Reason: It's 23, not 230.

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    Quote Originally Posted by briareos_kerensky View Post
    Nintendo grossed 230 billion yen with Fire Emblem Heroes.
    To put that in perspective, that's ~1,700,000,000, or more than Avengers Infinity War made in its opening weekend.

    And people wonder why manufacturers chase that gacha/loot-box money.


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