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    Virtual On Masterpiece Collection is coming to the PS4 in November.

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    Fan made sonic fighting game is very good

    Much better then sonic fighters to

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    Looks like Deathsmiles 1 & 2 are coming to the PS4 and Switch...

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    Quote Originally Posted by _SD_ View Post

    Looks like Deathsmiles 1 & 2 are coming to the PS4 and Switch...
    Nice i remember importing a xbox 360 for those games lol Death Smiles 2 was odd as to begin with i was not as keen but after a while it became my fav....possibly because it was a bit easier and one of the few games i Icc and beat the secret boss

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    Quote Originally Posted by _SD_ View Post

    Looks like Deathsmiles 1 & 2 are coming to the PS4 and Switch...
    Saves me hunting down a 360 copy and an arcade stick as I already have a HRAP 4.

    One of my favourite shooters so day one purchase for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    Apple Arcade Releases September 19th With Over 100 Exclusives

    "Starting off the Apple event today was Apple Arcade which will launch with over 100 games, starting later this September. It will be available in over 150 countries and will feature new games added each month and have personalized recommendations. Apple Arcade will be highly visible with a tab in the App Store.

    Also during the event, Apple partnered with three developers to reveal new titles for its subscription service. Those are:

    Konami announced Frogger In Toy Town being developed by Q-Games
    Capcom announced Shinsekai: Into the Depths – a game focused on being underwater, and all sounds and music were recorded underwater.
    Annapurna Interactive showed off rhythm game Sayonara Wildhearts for Apple Arcade, where it will arrive alongside a Nintendo Switch version.

    After the event, several companies further revealed their games are coming to Apple Arcade:
    A Fold Apart by Lightning Rod Games which we previously covered
    Jenny Leclue will be appearing on Apple Arcade alongside Steam and GOG soon, with Switch and PS4 coming later this winter
    Chucklefish Games and Hidden Later Games announced Inmost an atmospheric story-driven puzzle platformer launching September 19th on Apple Arcade

    When will Apple Arcade Release?
    Apple Arcade releases on September 19th, with over 100 exclusive games – exclusive in this case meaning they aren’t on any other subscription service or possible to play or purchase on mobile devices. Thus, Apple Arcade exclusives will be available on other consoles (including Nintendo Switch), and PC but will not be sold separately on the App Store, on Android, or as part of Xbox Game Pass.

    How much will Apple Arcade Cost?
    Apple Arcade will cost $4.99 a month for the whole family to have access to Apple Arcade, and after that, there are no microtransactions or purchase needed or available for games. Additionally, no ads will be shown. There will be a one month free trial for Apple Arcade available at launch for people to see if it is worth it for them.

    Who is developing for Apple Arcade?
    We don’t have, at this time, a full list of developers. Obviously we know about Konami, Capcom, and Annapurna but Apple revealed a back shot of many other game developers like Ubisoft, HeadUp Games, Versus Evil, Square Enix, Sega, and more. You can see a list of announced games for Apple Arcade on this website detailing the service more, including titles like Shantae 5 from Wayforward coming to the subscription service."
    If your on the ios13 beta you can try out apple arcade now, I Signed up for the free month and I'm pretty impressed so far, there are some fantastic indie efforts on show here and its super refreshing to play mobile games with no ads and no stupid micro transaction economy's.

    so far ive played

    a surprisingly fresh but violent take on the match 3+ game where your tasked with hacking your super buff hero through waves of enemy's. if you move them through ten or more you create a grind stone which lets you swap enemy type to create even bigger chains, it seems quite simple at first but you have to really plan your moves so you don't end your chain on an attacking enemy or trap yourself. You only get three hit points per level then its back to the inn. It has traditional adventure game mechanics, that see you creating shields. potions and weapons and a traditional level structure where you move further up a mountain and face harder and harder challenges as well as bosses. I cant put it down at the mo, its made by capybara games who made Below, swords and sorcery, and super time force, it has a super cool art style as you'd expect.

    What the Golf
    This is a very silly golf game for people that don't like golf it starts out like golf then just turns the idea of what is golf on its head, it had me chuckling on a few occasions and is very bizarre game, its also got that one more go itch too, as you want to see where it goes next this is also coming to switch steam and the epic game store if i was to pigeon hole it id say imagine if Nintendo did a Warioware game focused on golf and your pretty close to what this is.


    your a crash landed piliot exploring a series of islands form an isometric aerial viewpoint, Think the room but on a super colorful series of islands where you push pull twist the levels to eak out there secrets and solve puzzles, this feels like it would play better on the ipad but is pretty good on the XS,I,m stick on the second level and maddening their is no hint option. controls could be a bit more user friendly but it works pretty well.
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    I'm genuinely curious to see how much success Apple has with their service. On one hand, even with it being cheap, it should hit something of a brick wall given how dominant F2P is on the device and on the other it should also be limited by how utterly awful the experience of game playing on mobile devices is for anything that's not simplistic. Counter to that... Apple has an insane number of dedicated users and fanboys so it shouldn't be hard to get decent numbers either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    Apple has an insane number of dedicated users and fanboys so it shouldn't be hard to get decent numbers either.
    They do but I'd question how many game players they have that would use this service. I imagine their gaming figures are massive, like stupidly huge, but as you say I think a huge amount of those are the Candy Crushers or whatever the current equivalent is and I reckon they only play one game. I can't see them having a need or a desire for this service.

    But I could be totally 100% wrong. I have to admit to having lost all touch with gaming on iOS and what's going on.

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    I pretty much have ignored mobile gaming bar the odd celebrated indie game that comes to ipad or ios. Mobile gameing is seen as a bit of a cesspit full predatory mechanics to encourage the purchase of loot boxes and micro transactions.

    The Apple arcade is walled off from the horrible practices of most mobile games and only contains games that don't require any additional purchase they also wont be availble for a one of purchase price either and are exclusive to the rcade. I fancied playing a few of these games, im not sure if i will stick it out past the free month but i probably would have bought What the golf on Switch without a second thought as i really liked the look of it and no doubt it will have a 10 E_shop price tag making the apple arcades 5 a month seem pretty cheap if there are a couple of games you fancy on it.
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