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    LUMINES Remastered.

    So I caved and bought the LUMINES remaster. And itís just that. Itís a shiny 4K version of the last generation game. It still great to play but itís too similar. If you have the previous version just stick with it.

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    I want to get it on Switch, but I've heard it has slowdown? It's a real shame if true.

    Maybe if it gets patched.

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    I didn't experience any slowdown but haven't played all that much yet so perhaps it happens in later stages. Played it yesterday and, yes, it's Lumines and works just as the PSP did. Apparently there are more modes but do I need more modes?* So it's Lumines on Switch.

    But 1) it sounds GREAT. Sounds much better to me than the PSP or Vita ones for whatever reason. Not sure if they remastered the music or if it's just the hardware but it sounds really excellent. And 2) the RUMBLE. This is the first game that has me actually appreciating the rumble the Switch has. It feels amazing. It adds to the experience in an area I never previously felt was missing anything. I love how this feels.

    So yep, it's just Lumines but it's a really great version of Lumines.

    *I do not.

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    Is this a remake of the first game? I always felt the music was much weaker in the follow up titles.

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    Yep, a remake of the first game. Not sure if it has added any stages from the later games but what I played last night was right out of the original and (I think but can't swear to it) in the same order too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wakka View Post
    I always felt the music was much weaker in the follow up titles.
    Strong agree.

    I ended up buying the original game OST CD and a load of Mondo Grosso and Eri Nobuchika tracks off of the back of it.

    The sequels are just really dull by comparison, pretty much because of the poor music choices.

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    I quite liked Electric Symphony's track list, but yeah, a lot of the others between the original and that point were pretty awful.

    I'm quite glad to have this back - and it's a great one for going from portable to docked and vice versa on Switch. Haven't dabbled in any other of the modes just yet, as I'm still trying to unlock Lights - annoyingly I got to 97 on my first go and spooned it all up 2 levels from the end.

    I've heard a few people praising the HD rumble in this, for me it actually seemed excessive. I turned it off, particularly for when I'm on the go and have got earphones in, as it must sound awful to everyone just hearing the motors going nuts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asura View Post
    How much is it on Switch?
    £13.50. So the price of a fancy cocktail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItsThere View Post
    £13.50. So the price of a fancy cocktail.
    But does it provide a similar service to that of said similarly-priced fancy cocktail?


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