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    MD arcade sticks...

    Hi good people of bordersdown. I was wondering, what would be the best sticks to get for the Megadrive?
    Does a Sega Saturn to Megadrive converter exist?

    Many thanks.

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    I would recommend the Asciiware Mega Stick. Good solid little stick with a metal base. It was even released in some territories as an official Sega branded accessory.

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    Since this thread is here anyway:

    Some time ago I bought the Japanese Mega Drive know, the good one with micro (s)witches. I was over the moon with that one...until things started to feel odd. And now, I can't use it's really hard to describe, but moving the stick around feels totally janky and broken.

    I sent it to the guy who does my console modding, he took a look and couldn't do anything. He said he would have liked to replace the stick unit with a Sanwa or whatever, but the stick is too small, there's not enough room to fit any other unit in there but the original, and I'd be screwed, basically.

    Got the stick back and sent it to someone else just now, haven't heard back yet....but if he says the same thing, does anyone here have another idea, maybe? (I know, chances are slim....just like that stick, hence the problem ^^)


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