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Thread: Yakuza 6 (PS4)

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    I'm on the last push of this game now - I think - after getting sidetracked into many mini-games, especially the baseball and the 'make drinking buddies in a pub' minigame. Punched a shark yesterday. I'm posting this only to say that I've put on 6 lbs as a result of playing this game late at night. The need to keep packing Kiryu with delicious food for EXP and health regen has sent me many times to the snack cupboard. Even his gym training regime involves being sent out to hunt awesome grub. Just a warning, for any snackers out there......this game can make you fat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Golgo View Post
    IBashed a goon through the glass frontage of a convenience store last night and used a Heat move to get the shop assistant to warm up his head in the microwave. Half way through and the story is getting better...
    I love Yakuza for this stuff

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    Finished this yesterday. Really enjoyed it, looks fantastic and plays brilliantly in the new engine. although the limited combat options and cut down mini-game selection does give it a feeling of being a bit rushed. The town of Onomichi is especially sparse. The new additions of the baseball game and RTS street fighting/manager game are well implemented and good to look at but, again, prove to be quite shallow diversions in the end. Story was the usual Yakuza round of honour, manly eyebrows, betrayals and self-sacrifice. Apart from the pivotal plot McGuffin that Superman Falls alludes to, which was so stupid and pointless it could have been written by Hideo Kojima for an MGS, I enjoyed the plot, and - contrary to what some critics have moaned about -

    I like the way Kiryu is 'dead' but not actually dead. Pretty much guaranteed to come back in a big 'reveal' in some future instalment, I guess

    . There were some performance issues with the new engine, so I hope they can optimize it a bit for the ongoing kiwami editions.
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