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    Ur-Quan Masters fan-game: HUNT OF THE KOHR-AH

    I'd like to introduce an Ur-Quan Masters fan-game, which I programmed:

    Hunt of the Kohr-Ah


    It took about 120 hours to write, and uses about 3000 lines of code (it's only a 10mb) download. Think of it as a cross between the computer classics Oregon Trail and Masters of Orion, but using the characters from The Ur-Quan Masters, and with a theme similar to the Battlestar Galactica reboot for TV. It's thematically based on The Ur-Quan Masters.

    Imagine if the Kohr-Ah had won the doctrinal conflict, had wiped out life across the galaxy, and were now hunting the human race. The Arilou appear suddenly, give the last remnants of Earth's survivors a pre-programmed jump gate engine, and your task as fleet captain is to guide everyone to the final destination and some answers.

    You need to manage food, water, fuel, plus minerals & chemicals, balancing it along with hull integrity, biological health, morale, skills, science, and law & order.

    To do this you need to assign your dwindling crew to various fleet positions: recycling, hydroponics, fleet repair, cruiser construction, medical facilities, training, military police, entertainment, navigation, science research, and finally - a network of spies which monitor Kohr-Ah sympathizers. Amidst the fleet is a secretive cult which venerates the Kohr-Ah and will try to sabotage your efforts.

    During gameplay you can manage the crew roster, harvest the current star system for resources, hunt down nearby Kohr-Ah ships, tax the fleet, scrap cruisers for resources, jump to a new system, or simply wait...

    Combat can either be automatic, or manual where you issue typed commands to the squadron.

    Consider v2.5 as a sort of beta release. I've quashed as many bugs as I could, so really it needs playtesting by others. Please let me know if there are any bugs, or if anything doesn't seem right. Every stat and every crew roster affects just about everything else, so the numbers can seem a little weird at times.

    Content wise it's broadly finished. I only intend to tweak the internal algorithms, or maybe add an Easter Egg or two.

    It started off very difficult, so I kept making it easier, and now I think it's too easy, but I also know how everything works, so... I dunno? There are instructions in the ZIP which also contains gameplay tips. Let me know if you'd like some more tips.

    The game can be finished in less than 90 minutes if you're playing casually, or about 5 minutes if you exploit certain things.

    I hope everyone enjoys this. I'm a long time fan of UQM and I really wanted to create something inspired by UQM. Also I was disappointed there were no decent games based on the premise put forth in Battlestar Galactica.

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    I think you're a star to be able to control yourself for 2 weeks.


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