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    Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

    The Donkey Kong Adventure expansion is out and while it's not on the same level as the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion, it's still quite fun and well done.
    The DK Adventure is only available after you beat chapter one of the main story and features only three characters: Donkey Kong, Rabbid Cranky Kong, and Rabbid Peach. Sadly the two new characters can't be used in the main campaign. Rabbid Peach starts with preset abilities and whatever you acquire won't transfer to the main campaign. With the exception of shared characters the DKA expansion is effectively self-contained.

    DK and Rabbid Cranky are fun characters. DK can grab most enemies and even half destructible covers and throw them around, swing on vines to traverse stages, and is armed with a boomerang banana able to hit multiple enemies in one action.
    Cranky is armed with a shotgun, can put enemies to sleep, and has a powerful jump attack.

    As with main game missions and stages put character abilities to the test, though I've found the whole expansion a bit on the easy side, although even in the main game the difficulty laid in completing stages within the turn limit for the best ranking rather than clearing them altogether. Puzzles break the monotony between missions, though I would have preferred a few more combat missions and a bit less puzzles, which are almost entirely based on placing sliding boxes over switches.
    The expansion is as long as a chapter in the main game, more or less, with exclusive challenges, weapons, and collectibles.

    Oh, I think there's a bug in the final mission that prevents the background music from playing, but not sound effects or short musical transitions. Weird.

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    This has been one of the biggest releases in my Switch backlog to look at for a long while now as I've been pretty indifferent to the concept, I'm late in Chapter 1 now and I tell you what, it's pretty damned fun. The game looks great and feels like it's been polished to match N standards, the gameplay is straight forward but fun enough to stick with as well. Nowhere near as slow paced as I'd feared. Still couldn't care about rabbids, they didn't need to be in this at all but this has the makings of being a nice surprise.

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    My God, it's been a month nearly. I'm wedged into the DK DLC now and I still enjoy it but I'm definitely feeling ready to wrap it up and play something more immediate, I'd worried 4 worlds would be too brief an experience but it was just about right with the DLC stretching my interest a little. Overall though, very pleasant surprise of a game


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