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    I never played any of these games, which is odd for a mech game, but I looked in awe at the ostentatious arcade cab.

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    Wow someone didn't have their Weetabix when they posted this, clearly you were in a rush Superman Falls, so I've rejig the whole series post and added all the missing content I could spot.

    Mainline Entry 01 - Cyber Troopers Virtual On
    Formats: Arcade, Saturn, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC
    Another form of 3D fighting, Sega's arcade title stood out by keeping that L at the end of its title and by taking a rear mounted camera view as the player darted around the arena tackling their opponent in a one on one robotic battle. The game was equally well known for its elaborate twin stick controls which helped to mimic the action of piloting your chosen machine and Sega even brought a version of the controller to the Saturn edition of the game. By being so distinct within the fighting genre, the game easily drew attention to itself and Sega had something of a hit on its hands. Years later a remaster would also hit PS2 with added characters, before a Model 2 emulated version was released only in Japan on Xbox 360 & PS3.

    The PlayStation 2 secret character can be seen in this video, it's the original Fei Yen which according to the story vanished without trace:

    Mainline Entry 02 - Cyber Troopers Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram M.S.B.S. v5.2
    Arcade, Dreamcast
    A new generation of hardware meant a new sequel came along. The clear jump from the outset was the slick visuals of the sequel which otherwise was a very typical follow up offering more variety in fighter selection and arena design than the original entry was capable of, this first version only saw release in arcades and as ahidden unlock mode on the Dreamcast verson. Balancing issues lead to a number of changes for the Dreamcast release.

    Spin Off Entry 01
    - Cyber Troopers Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram M.S.B.S. v.5.45
    Formats: Dreamcast and Arcade
    A heavily rebalanced home port with a number of new stages and even a redesigned Public Port stage to change the see through, which cause confused to some players in matches. The Saturn on the robots back were changed to Dreamcast's and this late version included a VMU slot in the arcade machine for players to use their custom colour designs in game.

    Spin Off Entry 02 - Cyber Troopers Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram M.S.B.S. v.5.66
    ArcadeandXbox 360
    5.66, never reached the Dreamcast and only received a home port on the Xbox 360, it included three new player robots, making it the definite release of the game.

    Mainline Entry 03 - Cyber Troopers Virtual On: Force
    Formats: Arcade and Xbox 360
    The third entry deviated from the previous games design by pairing players up into teams of two thereby allowing four player matches to take place. Largely due to few of the original team working on it, AM3 decided to made the gameplay slower to maintain balance to the 2 vs 2 format. It was widely dislike due to the poor game speed and targeting system. It's only plus was the huge range of robots you could play as and use in game.

    Spin Off Entry 03 - Cyber Troopers Virtual On: Marz
    Formats: Arcade, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3
    A single player game based on the Force engine, it includes some of the Force robots and a cut down arcade mode, but was a very different title with the games main selling point the huge story mode and a huge number of hidden routes and robots requiring countless playthroughs to unlock.

    Some of the Marz story mode in action:

    Spin Off Entry 04 - Toaru Majutsu no Dennou Senki Virtual-On
    Formats: PlayStation 4
    A recent cross over with the series A certain Magical Index, the game has been largely panned due to the poor gameplay and is unlikely to be released in the west.

    While the series might not have that many direct games, it does turn up all the time in other series from Super Robot Wars, Shenmue and recently Senko no Ronde 2 as DLC on PS4:

    Share your thoughts and memories of the Virtual One series
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    Quote Originally Posted by Atticus View Post

    I preferred Cyber Sled

    I wish Namco would release a compilation of their 90s 3D coin-ops. I've been saying that for ages now.

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    Yep, I try to squeeze typing these up in between other things and VO's releases aren't as distinctly marked out like most series so I clumped iterations together.

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    Never played these games back in the day. I wrote it off as a "here's an arcade only experience for you."

    Years later I played Senko no Ronde on the 360 and loved it.

    So when I got a hold of the 360 version of this it took about 10 mins of playing to realize "holy sh!t, this is basically Senko no Ronde from a different camera angle!"

    From then I was hooked. I can remember getting constantly wrecked by JPN players on the 360 version

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    I had this on the Dreamcast with 2 sets of twin sticks. It always seemed like such a typically hardcore, gamers game with very little mainstream appeal. However, I brought it all to uni in the second year and my housemates loved it. Not just the geeky gaming obsessives but the casual gamers who might play the occasional round of Tetris (yes, actual women!). It was really popular and we'd have lengthy sessions of winner stays on. None of us were that great which was good as it created a surprisingly level playing field and we all had a chance.

    I think the daunting looking peripherals and the import only nature of the game makes it seem a bit inaccessible. However, I think it's just a really fun, typically Sega style game.

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    It’s a shame DreamPi doesn’t support tunnelling of System-Link games. Wouldn’t it be possible to hook the DC’s serial port up to the GPIO pins on the Pi?

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    The intro for the Dreamcast version is my favourite intro on that console alongside Capcom vs SNK. I love the designs and concept of the VO games but just couldn't get into them. The same thing happened with the Gundam game on the PS3- I really looked forwards to that game and loved the graphics but I think I just don't like arena based combat. Would give them all another shot though.


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