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    Google maps Android app problems

    Hi everyone, I used to use the maps app to navigate new locations on foot without a problem in the past. But for months now it plays up or gives me the wrong directions. One thing is the arrow that represents my location and the phone points in the wrong direction to where I'm supposed to heading. Sometimes it's 90 degrees off or even a full 180 degrees. I try clicking on the recent results option but that doesn't fix it. Today it was sending me on a route 180 degrees away from where I should be going, I guessed this so just ignored it and basically if I had relied on the app I would've ended up completely lost.

    My friend and I were together the other day and he was using the same app on his iPhone but my Android version was giving errors at the same time. This is really weird... Can you please advise me on what I could do as it is a really handy app when it works well and I'm in a place I've never been before.

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    Have you tried Here Maps, I use the Windows Phone version on the business phone and the Android one on my personal. Use them both for on-foot and for bike and driving on my personal.

    Great thing is you can download full country maps so you don't need a signal (online gives you live traffic), this is the main reason I use them instead of Google Maps. They also have public transport built in as well.

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    Thanks for the speedy response, Anpanman. I will try that app if I can. Hope I can fix Google Maps too, if poss.

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    I have this problem, but it’s because my phone is in a case with a magnetic latch

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    Thanks for the replies, guys. Sadly it could well be the phone. That's not good news as it was a good phone and if I have to replace it Im not going to be able to afford a decent one at this moment in time due to other commitments. That sucks.

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    Have you tried calibrating the GPS/magnetic sensor?

    I just tried the 'GPS Status & Toolbox' app mentioned(it's free with ads) and it looks quite good. Has options for calibrating some sensors and also something about clearing the GPS cache.

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    The article is interesting, it reminded me that my android GPS wasn't working that great until I found that the high accuracy wasn't set by default.

    Resetting the compass and clearing the GPS cache can be easily done by the user though without downloading a program to do it for you, compass can be done in Google Maps by drawing a figure eight with the phone and the GPS cache can be cleared through application settings and clearing the Maps cache.

    More info by simply Googling each question.
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    Thanks for the information guys, that could very well help me out a lot. I really appreciate how this forum and members are always helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks. Will post back if it works.

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    Ok I know my brain isn't what it used to be, but Google Maps tells me it's in accurate mode or something similar. But the figure of eight movement doesn't do anything and it doesn't seem to have any gps reset options. I update the app regularly but it might be because I don't have the latest version of Android. I will try googling too.


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