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    Good thread!

    It's nice and easy to have a multi boot, it's just a case of adding the NES/SNES nand image to your game list just as you would to add another rom, then once you select that 'game' it boots back up as the other console, really slick.

    On my SNES mini I've got a NES & Super Famicom on there

    Good guide by the creator here if anyone's interested

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    So Argos have sent me the Classic Snes instead of a NES. I had already purchased a second NES controller in anticipation and really wanted the form factor of a NES console. Argos have said I can keep it, or return it for a refund (40 pounds on Ebay as it was listed as a refurb NES) so I am a bit undecided on what to do now.

    I guess I could multi boot it, and seeing as I have the controller the experience would be 'akin' to having a NES but just kind of wanted to avoid have a rom box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tokyochojin View Post
    so I am a bit undecided on what to do now.
    I'd send it back. Pay 10 more and get it from Nintendo direct. I did and it was delivered in a couple of days. The extra controller is also only 7.99 from Nintendo.

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    Wow, the controllers are much cheaper on there. Thanks for the heads up.


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