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Thread: Beat Saber

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    Beat Saber

    By far the most fun new game I've tried in ages.

    Slice coloured arrowed blocks out of the stream coming at you, music game style, in VR with your "light sabres", while dodging walls and stuff.

    I'm not sure if there is a timing element though.

    Basically massive grins

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    It is an early release game on steam at the moment.

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    Just uploaded, so give it a few minutes to process if it looks rubbish.

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    Indeed it is and great for a party.
    According to my steam profile I've clocked up 33 hours in this!

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    Enter the ninja!! Expert mode, 186 combo before losing it.

    He is sweating so much.

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    It's a real work out, i played it for a good few hours straight when i first got it and my arms where aching the next day, haven't had the energy to put it on recently as its just been too hot.


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