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    [NSW/PC/PS4/PSV] Ys VIII Lacrimosa Of Dana

    The original thread is lost to the gods of lost data, but I've started playing the Switch version and here are some impressions of patch 1.04. I'm mentioning the revision because this version includes several big and small fixes, along Japanese voices, which weren't included in the base game. The revised translation, on the other hand, is included with the unupdated game. So far I've played in handheld mode only.

    The very first impressions aren't particularly good, the loading icon is poorly scaled, showing jaggies all over the game's logo. Same with some of the text, it's as if there's only one version of these assets available and those are scaled down on the fly without any antialiasing.
    The actual game seems locked at 60fps, or at least the framerate is kept as high as possible. This is paid by, I think, dynamic resolution: it's easy to see graphics blur when there's too much on the screen, and there's no I really hope you like your jaggies. On the plus side everything else is on par with PS4: texture quality, their filtering, model complexity, things on screen, draw distance, depth of field and blur effects.

    I'll try the docked version as soon as I can, but so far the port is not as technically dire as I would have thought.

    And a full review of the game if you're interested.

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    I've been playing this a lot, I'm around halfway through the game.
    Technical impressions about the docked Switch version are good, the framerate is usually at 60 (or at least well above 30) but the dynamic resolution kicks in pretty often in the most intense scenes, like the Castaway Village and the Aegias Capital. The resolution cut is visible, but I do prefer this solution rather than the game dipping to 30fps or below.


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